HT100Ds - HT180Ds

Linde IC 4-Wheel Pneumatic Large

The HT100Ds-HT180Ds range offers the “Power on Demand” capability which balances engine output with the truck load and application. High productivity is delivered by the robust, quiet, reliable and fuel-efficient Detroit Diesel Engine.

  • Capacity- 22,000-40,000 lbs.
  • 4-Wheel
  • Pneumatic Tire
  • Power Unit- Diesel
  • Load Center- 24-48 in.
  • Load Distance- 33.3-36.6 in.
  • Wheelbase- 118-137 in.
  • Tire Size Front- 10.00-20/16PR-12.00-20/20PR
  • Tire Size Rear- 10.00-20/16PR-12.00-20/20PR
Download Spec Sheet (PDF)

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