Field Service Technician Career Opportunities at Fraza

As the Corporate Recruiter for Fraza, and its sister company, Vitan, my job consists of finding the highest quality candidates to fill our open positions.

People may not realize it, but skilled trades are in high demand. The majority of men and women in skilled trades are approaching retirement age, and we need a new generation entering the workforce to keep the business moving forward. At Fraza, we are dedicated to finding young and talented individuals, who can grow with our company and start a lifelong technician career.

When it comes to this industry, there is a level of job security that is rare to find in our world today.

Finding an Alternative Path

Over the years, skilled trade work has been declining. The younger generations are encouraged to attend college for a four-year degree and pursue careers in other trending industries. This has created a gap in the skilled trades workforce. While I would never discourage anyone from obtaining a degree, there are other options out there. It is crucial to have young talent join the industry for training and gain extensive knowledge from those who have been in the business for years.

My goal for recruiting is to reach as many young adults as possible and help them understand that finding an alternative path from the social norm can be a successful option, and why starting a career as a Fraza technician is rewarding – both financially and professionally.

Preparing for Your Technician Career

While at recruiting events, I am looking for upcoming graduates of automotive and diesel programs. I look for those personality traits that I feel represent Fraza – integrity, commitment to service, responsibility and friendliness. Our technicians are the face of Fraza. They must be knowledgeable, confident and comfortable talking to our customers about necessary repair and maintenance needs for the equipment we service.

Many high schools have started Motech programs for students to take as elective credits. This is a good opportunity to gain some knowledge and get hands on experience in the business. Many colleges offer degree and certification programs in automotive. My suggestion to a young candidate with interest in the industry would be to meet with a guidance counselor at one of the schools to learn more about the programs and any requirements to join.

Understanding Fraza’s Values

When a new candidate joins our company, we have a thorough training agenda for them. They will shadow a seasoned technician until they are comfortable on their own. We are in the process of creating an apprentice program that will set new techs up for a lifelong technician career with our company.

Unlike most dealerships with flat rate pay, our technicians are paid hourly from the time they leave home in their company vehicle each morning until they return in the evening. As a Fraza employee, you can also enjoy a variety of perks and benefits.

Our technicians enjoy flexible working hours, a competitive incentive program, company vehicles, iPads and iPhones. We also offer a variety of health insurance plans, 401K, life insurance, legal shield, ID shield, Aflac and more.

At Fraza, our technicians are not a number; they’re valued team members who are given the resources and support to succeed. Their success is our company’s success.

Your Future is Fraza

In order to be the best service organization, period, we make it a priority to train our technicians to be the best in the industry. If you are looking for an alternative technician career path that provides consistent career growth and a good work-life balance, then you’re looking in the right place.

Fraza will be recruiting at high school tech programs, college campus career fairs and career expos. We love referrals, too!

If you’re interested in applying or would like more information, visit the careers page on our website or send your resume directly to If you’re in the Grand Rapids area, you can also submit your Vitan resume to the same email.