Forklift Safety: Driving with Forklift Forks at a Safe Height

Dan Tandy, Safety and Operator Training Manager

Continuing on our safety theme for National Forklift Safety Day, which we extend through the month of June, we’ve got more information for you about safe driving.

When driving a forklift, it’s important to keep the forks at a safe height off the ground. MI-OSHA recommends keeping them between 2 – 4 inches and tilted slightly back. This height reduces the potential for seriously injuring any pedestrians in the upper leg or torso. Also, always remember to activate the horn when heading towards people so that they hear you coming.

When driving outdoors, it’s helpful to increase the height of the forks by a few inches in order to avoid rocks or debris in your path and to compensate for uneven ground. Watch the short video below for a demonstration.

To get formal forklift operator training, schedule yourself for a class or contact us if you have any questions. And come back next week for more safety tips!