Forklift Safety: Safe Position of Forklift Forks While Parked

Dan Tandy, Forklift Safety and Operator Training Manager

When it comes to warehouse safety, it’s important to keep your forklift forks in a safe position while parked. Forks can create a tripping hazard for employees and other pedestrians if not positioned properly. If the forks are up too high, they could fall, and if they’re even just a few inches off the ground, present a serious tripping hazard.

Forks should always be in the tilted downward position when parked. The best way to achieve this is for the operator to tilt them forward before lowering them to the ground. Lowering to the ground then tilting forward puts stress on the mast pulleys and hoses when raised by the next driver. This can cause damage to your forklift over time. For a demonstration of the correct way to get the forks into position before parking, please watch the video below.

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