How Fraza’s Fleet Management System Can Save You Money

There’s a shift happening in the material handling industry, and Fraza is at the forefront of it. This shift is happening through innovations in technology. At Fraza, we want to incorporate technology into your material handling processes to make your job easier and your equipment more efficient.

Our Fleet Management Software: Fleet Track

Fleet Track is a fleet management software we designed just for you. Fleet management is important for many reasons. First and foremost, it is important to be able to track spending or equipment maintenance costs. By tracking equipment maintenance, a company can make more educated decisions on what the driving factors are behind their costs, how to minimize those costs, determine trends and develop a more effective replacement strategy. Ultimately, the goal of fleet management is to cover and influence every aspect of the equipment life cycle from purchase to operation to replacement.

The first item that sets Fleet Track apart from other forms of fleet management is that it is offered completely free of charge when you sign up for your first PM. It couldn’t be easier to sign up for fleet track. All you have to do is go to and request a login. You’ll receive access to Fleet Track’s user-friendly system compared to other forms of fleet management. You’ll also have the ability to generate reports and export them to an Excel spreadsheet, so you can make data-driven decisions for your company.

Unfortunately, we do not believe enough businesses invest their time into fleet management. However, the good news is that Fraza is dedicated to bridging this gap and assisting in any way possible, whether it be quarterly business reviews (QBRs), maintenance programs or our fleet track management program.

Why Fleet Management is Important

Fleet management is crucial – but often overlooked – when it comes to avoidable repairs. It allows our customers to identify avoidable repairs, the repair categories they fall into and to develop a strategy to minimize avoidable repairs moving forward. It also helps maintain accountability and transparency with operators and management.

It doesn’t stop there. We are able to identify trends and look over different metrics to develop strategies that allow for more efficient operating practices. This includes tracking year to date spend on the fleet to determine excessive maintenance causes and plans to rectify those causes, as well tracking spend on a monthly basis to determine if seasonality exists and how to reduce variability over the year.

We help you understand all this through our QBRs. Our initial QBR covers spending from a multitude of angles. This includes overall spend from a yearly, quarterly and monthly view and then breaking this down into distinct spending categories, such as service and rental as well as comparing spending year over year to identify increases or decreases.

The QBR continues to drill into service spend once again looking at this data from different views and then breaking this data down into additional repair categories such as planned maintenance, avoidable repairs and shop repairs. Lastly, our QBR focuses on unit analysis using metrics such as average monthly spend, hour utilization and identifying avoidable repairs using a Pareto chart. All of this is summed up with constructive discussion and recommendations.

At Fraza, We’re Not Only Your Material Handling Supplier, We’re Your Partner.

Technology can be very overwhelming for people, and we get that. That’s why we make it a priority to help walk you through the process. Ultimately, we want your company to run more efficiently and we know Fleet Track can help make that happen.

Interested in managing your fleet through Fleet Track? Let us know at!