JLG Driveable Stock Picker

Models such as the 10MSP and E18MSP are great pieces of equipment. The 10MSP will boost efficiency at your warehouse with its zero turning radius for narrow aisles, long battery cycles and ability to be driven at full height. The E18MSP is ideal for stockpicking and warehouse applications with standard features including a gate alarm, flashing amber beacons and floor mat. The Point & Go steering, rugged durability and “Quick Change” platform options enhance versatility along with being lightweight and compact.

  • Capacity- 400-500 lbs.
  • Power Source- Battery
  • Machine Weight- 2,425 lbs.
  • Drive Speed (platform-elevated)- 0.6 mph
  • Drive Speed (platform-lowered)- 3.5 mph
  • Maximum Drive Height- 15 ft 3 in.-19 ft. 5 in.
  • Maximum Lift Height- 15.3 ft-19.4 ft.
Download Spec Sheet (PDF)

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