Why You Should Invest in Telemetry for Your Warehouse

Scott McGlone Telemetry

As someone who has a background in information technology and material handling solutions, I can say firsthand that Fraza is ahead of the curve with our ability to offer our customers state-of-the-art telemetric solutions. These offerings paired with our fleet management software, Fleet Track, gives customers unprecedented fleet transparency and control at their fingertips, allowing them to make informed decisions that will make the company more efficient and profitable.

What is telemetry?

Telemetry is the automatic measurement and wireless transmission of data from remote sources. In general, telemetry works in the following way: sensors at the source measure data (usually electronically) and transmit this data real-time to remote equipment for monitoring.

In the material handling and warehousing world, this means that material handling equipment (typically lift trucks) are outfitted with sensory devices that can measure anything from load and travel optimization to actual physical impact. This information is immediately transmitted to monitoring devices, which may be premise-based (such as an office workstation) or a variety of mobile devices such as phones or tablets.

While telemetric technology is relatively new in the material handling and warehousing world, the industry is shifting as a whole toward data-driven metric analysis and decision making. Telemetric technology will most certainly play a significant role in this trend moving forward and an even more important role in the current shift toward autonomous vehicles and equipment.

How does this benefit Fraza’s customers?

Once the data has been captured and transmitted, the information can be used on its own (for example, as a lift-truck impact analysis) or by applying additional analysis. This concept is called telematics, and it opens the door to a wide variety of possibilities such as:

• Pre and post start driver checklists with customizable “critical questions” and mandatory seat belt utilization
• Driver access via RFID card to ensure authorized equipment utilization and licensing
• Driver’s license expiration notification

Fleet Savings
• Multi-directional impact monitoring with directional indicator
• Programmable impact threshold to disable/alarm equipment that can then only be reset by management
• “Hawthorne Effect” – a method in which people will correct and prevent misuse when they know they are being observed
• Batteries – by reducing bad charging practices, industrial battery life is prolonged

• Lift, movement, travel and release of pallets to determine handling optimization metrics
• Location and utilization of material handling equipment and pallets
• Job Coding (what type of job is being performed)
• Real-time communication with driver

What makes Fraza different?

In addition to offering state-of-the art telemetric solutions, Fraza also offers multiple system solutions based on each customer’s need or physical infrastructure. In staying consistent with a “one-size-does-not-fit-all” philosophy, Fraza ensures that all solutions are customized specifically to customer needs using:

• Wifi/cellular options based upon infrastructure optimization
• Cloud-based solutions designed for anticipated future customer and fleet scaling
• Solutions that incorporate customizable automated alerts and the ability to set up automatic email reporting (because hands-free use is so important in a busy warehouse setting).

As we progress with technology, we’ll make sure our customers progress with us.

It’s hard to ignore the advances in technology that are changing the way businesses operate, and at Fraza, we won’t be left behind. We want to be at the forefront of the shift, and as your partner, we’ll make sure you’re right there with us. We have the resources and expertise to make your business run smoother, be more efficient and more profitable. With our experts, we can make telemetry an accessible and easy part of your daily routine.

If you’re open to updating your processes, let us know at info@frazagroup.com. We’re ready to move your world forward!